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Mixing / Reamping / Drums Production / Mastering / Full Production


If you've recorded your tracks in another studio, in your home studio or even in your rehearsal room, send them to us for a professional mixing job! We also can give you tricks and tips to help your recording tracks get the best sound as possible whatever gear you have at your disposal. Audio mixing of your pre-recorded song is performed with multiple references software, hardware and speaker in treated environment.

Send your RAW unprocessed Tracks to us online for the/a mixing job and we'll send you back a stereo Audio Track. Mixing service includes Editing, Reamping, Drums Production and the mixing service. Please email me for a quote.

Contact for a quote. Deals Availible for EPs of 4 or more Songs

Unmixed Song

Mixed Song



We make your guitar and bass DI tracks sound great through our full lamp amplifier and amp emulator processors. Add our equalisation, compressors and miking skills for awesome results. Provide a raw, unprocessed track for a reamping job, and there are many tone options available. We can also guide you through the entire process of recording high quality DI tracks.

You provide a raw, unprocessed track to be routed through a guitar amp/processor, and we send you back a fully "amped" guitar track. Many tone options available!

Contact for a quote. Deals Availible for EPs of 4 or more Songs

DI Guitar Track

Reamped Guitar Track

Drums Production


If you can't record Drums or even if you haven't got a drummer to play in your project, MIDI drums are a great alternative! You can write your Drums parts and convert them to a MIDI File for a Drums Virtualisation. Add to it a great Mix and your virtualised drums will sound great! You also can directly order us MIDI Parts for your Project.
These days, virtual drums sounds far better than a cheaply produced drum recording.

You provide your MIDI Tracks for a Drums Virtualisation. You can also order MIDI parts for your projects from us directly..

Contact for a quote. Deals Availible for EPs of 4 or more Songs

Basic MIDI Drums

Produced Drums



Master your mixed project for a high end digital mastering and give to your mix a professional high end shine.
You'll be surprised how good your songs will sound with a high end finalisation! Your mix will be ready for CD or broadcast delivery.

The mastering session is the last chance to get your project sounding its best before you unleash it to the world. It's arguably one of the most important, and probably least understood link in the audio production chain.

Contact for a quote. Deals Availible for EPs of 4 or more Songs

UnMasterized Soong

Mastered Mixed Song

Full Production


We travel to your rehearsal room, to an other studio, in your own home studio or even in a specefic place you like (your home, concert hall, church...) with our stuff and more.

Our full production sercice included all our services through your project's entire production process.

Contact for a quote. Deals Availible for EPs of 4 or more Songs